SAWS WaterSaver Coupon Application

SAWS WaterSaver Coupon program encourages SAWS residential water customers to transform portions of their traditional lawns into attractive, water-saving garden beds and patioscapes. Thank you for participating in this program and helping to conserve a valuable resource.

Getting Started

To get started, please provide the following initial information to verify your eligibility. Once you have filled out all three fields below, hit Verify Eligibility to start the application process.

1. SAWS account number

Enter your full SAWS account number in the three blocks above. The first block is 9 digits, the second is 7 digits and the third is 4 digits.

You can find your SAWS account number on your monthly bill. (The SAWS website has an example of how to find your account number.) If you can’t find your monthly bill, you can call SAWS customer service at 210-704-SAWS (7297).

2. Last name on account

Enter the last name of the resident as it appears on your SAWS bill. If more than one person is an authorized contact for the account, provide the last name of the person submitting this application.

3. Do you have an in-ground irrigation system?
Customers who have in-ground irrigation systems receive a free irrigation system consultation from a SAWS irrigation professional. If you have an in-ground irrigation system, and have not previously received a SAWS irrigation consultation you will receive a free irrigation consultation from a SAWS conservation consultant.

Coupon Eligibility and Terms

For more information, contact SAWS Conservation at consult@saws.org or 210-704-SAVE (7283).

General Provisions

You must remove a minimum of 200 square feet of grass in a contiguous area to be eligible for a WaterSaver Coupon.

The homeowner must remove any irrigation spray heads/ rotors or drip line in the area of new patioscape and garden bed installations.

You must be a current SAWS residential water customer to be eligible for a coupon. Sewer-only customers are not eligible.

There is a lifetime limit of eight total redeemed coupons (Landscape and Patioscape) per service address.

SAWS reserves the right to inspect new beds and patios installed with this coupon.

Landscape Coupons

A WaterSaver Landscape Coupon provides up to $100 for purchase of plants as part of a homeowner’s replacement of grass and irrigation with a new garden bed.

Existing garden beds are not eligible for this program.

Coupons are only valid at participating nurseries. SAWS does not guarantee availability nor dictate price for participating nurseries.

Patioscape Coupons

A WaterSaver Patioscape Coupon provides up to $100 for purchase of feature items (pavers, flagstones or stepping stones) to cover 80 percent, or 160 square feet, of a new 200 square foot patio, per coupon.

The coupon provides up to $200 for purchase of these items if the homeowner has an in-ground irrigation system they are removing to comply with the coupon terms.

Coupons are for new patioscapes that replaces grass and irrigation (if present in the project area). Recipients may not use this coupon for existing non-grass areas or existing patios.

Coupons are only valid at participating vendors. SAWS does not guarantee availability nor dictate price for participating vendors.